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DLS-JG02 Laser Clearance System

Harmless to electric wires.
Can operate with electricity, with no impact on electricity.
No need to ascend, a 400-meter long-distance operation.
High clearing efficiency, the scene takes 1~30 minutes to complete the clearing.
Full HD eight groups of pre-set position accurate aiming.

Technical Parameters

The main unit of the laser transmitter

-Main Technical Parameters


- Laser wavelength: 1080±1 nm

- Maximum output power: 300W/500W

- Rated output power: 0 ~ 500W continuously adjustable

- Operating voltage: 220V

- Operating current: 6.8A

- Operating Temperature: -10°C–50°C

- Operating Humidity: >90%.

- Weight:30kg(300W)/35kg(500W)


Laser output and focusing collimator

Main technical specifications


- Maximum launching distance: 400 meters

- Effective clearing distance: 0~400 meters

- Laser spot size (diameter): 1~12mm (adjustable)

- Operating temperature: -20°C~50°C

- Operating Temperature: >90% of the

- Clearance objects: non-metallic materials (kites, plastics, banners, etc.); tree barriers; ice floes, etc.


Intelligent laser targeting device

Main Technical Parameters



- Imaging resolution: 1080P

- Core Component: Embedded Intelligent Alignment Judgment Chip

- Imaging distance: 0 ~ 400 meters

- Image memory: embedded 24 groups of collimation memory function

- Can not be light imaging: capture the 1064nm wave spot - Zoom adjustment mode: Automatic

- Focal length: 57 times


Display and control equipment (Pad)

Main Technical Parameters



- Display resolution: 1080P

- Display alignment: cross-scale centering - Display: 11 inches

- Interface:wifi

- Memory:64G

- Recording:Support


Electrically Controlled Head

Main Technical Parameters



The unit is used to stabilize and support the laser firing output and focusing collimator, smart laser aiming device, smart laser display device and front-end safety warning device. It provides an excellent operating platform for effective control of the entire laser stabilization launch. It is the "legs and feet" of the whole laser clearing device. It also provides a good basic platform for the transportation and movement of the whole device. Its biggest feature is lightweight, stable and efficient. The device is mainly divided into two parts: the device support part and the device mobile rotation part; the device support part mainly stabilizes and supports the laser emission output and focusing collimator, the intelligent laser aiming device, the intelligent laser display device and the front-end safety warning device, etc., and the device mobile rotation part mainly provides the corresponding functions for the rotating and moving positioning of the above devices.



- Support mode: tripod support

- Support weight: 20kg

- Rotation mode: intelligent electric dual-axis DC servo type - Rotation mode: 9-speed gear control

- Rotation speed: 3 degrees/sec, 2 degrees/sec, 1 degree/sec, 64 times, 32 times, 8 times, 4 times, 2 times, 1 times.

- Interface: RS232/RJ45


Intelligent Laser Control System

Main Technical Parameters


- Software Accuracy: 16-bit

- Calculation Accuracy: 20 K/S

- Database: 99 user-defined programmable targets - 200 total target information database.

- Port hand controller with built-in RS232 interface - Automatic cutting: Supported


Safety management system

for laser operation


The system is designed for the safe operation of the laser-clearing device. Since the laser clearing device is a Class 4 energy-efficient laser transmitter, the laser beam emitted is very high in energy. In order to effectively control the overall operation and safety of the laser clearing device, this device is designed to effectively control the operation and safety of the laser clearing device. This device is designed to effectively control the operation and management of the laser equipment. So that the overall laser clearing device must be through the device management authorization so that the trained professional operators to operate it. This ensures safe and reliable operation.


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