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DALI-IRtech Electrical substation Inspection Robot


DALI-IRtech Electrical substation Inspection Robot


The new DALI-IRtech electrical substation inspection Robot model is equipped with a PTZ camera consisting of one thermal measuring camera and one high-resolution optical range camera. The robot is able to automatically move along a pre-programmed route, stop near electrical and other equipment subject to thermography, and aim a PTZ camera at it.


At present, DALI-IRtech intelligent inspection robot has been used in a large number of power supply systems in some substations in China, and has been widely praised by users since it was put into use, "the product is stable and reliable and has reached the expected level". Especially during the Spring Festival, it has effectively reduced manual work, greatly reduced the labor intensity of personnel, and helped the remote high-speed railway substations to be more informative and intelligent.


Craftsmanship "thermal core" to open the new era of intelligent inspection


It integrates the core technologies of trackless laser navigation and positioning, infrared temperature measurement, intelligent meter reading, image recognition, etc., and conducts the all-weather inspection, data collection, video monitoring, temperature and humidity measurement, air pressure monitoring, etc. of transmission and substation equipment to improve the safe operation of equipment in transmission and substation stations. In case of abnormal emergencies, it can be used as a mobile monitoring platform to replace manual personnel to identify equipment faults in a timely manner and reduce the safety risk of personnel.


Intelligent sensing

Automatic reading of all types of meters and timely alarms.

Intelligent identification.

Remote control system with automatic charging.


Core thermal technologies

Accurate temperature measurement by contour method, and infrared modeling technology.

Identification, alarm intelligence.


System interconnection

Interface linkage to substation integrated self-system, production management system, fire protection system, security system, video system, etc.


Intelligent analysis software

Efficient inspection task setting.

Automatic entry to generate standardized reports, etc.



DL-RH63 rail-mounted intelligent inspection robot


DL-RH63 rail-mounted intelligent inspection robot adopts rail suspension, pan-tilt lifting, multi-sensor detection, and other methods. It can replace manual tasks such as patrol inspection, fault diagnosis, early warning, and alarm, which saves a lot of labor costs and improves the efficiency and intensity of patrol inspection. The robot can be widely used in various environments such as power distribution rooms, relay protection rooms, switch rooms, and so on in different industries.


DL-RH63 is to achieve fully automatic identification of switchgear infrared temperature measurement, local discharge detection, cabinet surface and protection device signal state indication, relay protection room protection cabinet pressure plate state, open position, current terminal state, device signal light indication, and digital display instrument for fully automatic identification of readings. This inspection robot adopts the rail slide contact power supply method to realize 24-hour uninterrupted inspection, and it can also customize the cycle and equipment for special inspection.


Features and Benefits


Automatic reading of various types of meters

  1. Voltmeter, ammeter, and other meter indication
  2. SF6 gas pressure and other gauge indication
  3. Switch, grounding cutter, energy storage status, and electrical indication detection
  4. Automatic status indicator recognition
  5. Identifying the status of the vacant switch
  6. Rotary switch position identification
  7. Protection pressure plate position judgment


Deep learning visual recognition technology

  1. 3D reconstruction calculations to create digital models

DL-RH63 uses model data for navigation, identification, device positioning, and other state recognition.


  1. VR simulation scene to observe the operation status of all equipment inside of the room in real-time

View the operating status of the analysis equipment and meter readings. Conduct annotations and markings to assist operations and maintenance personnel patrol, and complete the cabinet equipment temperature working condition real-time detection.


Temperature measurement of equipment inside the switchgear

  1. Compatible with DM30
  2. Complete temperature measurement of equipment inside the switchgear


Abnormal warning/linked alarms

  1. Local audible and visual warning
  2. Sound and light warnings in monitoring center


 Local discharge monitoring

  1. Switchgear, power distribution cabinet all-round
  2. Local discharge monitoring
  3. TEV+ ultrasound combination  


Fire monitoring/emergency response

Monitoring abnormal light sources and smoke inside power distribution rooms and switch rooms