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SANCHI Collision Accident - How To Avoid In The Future?
Aug 25, 2018

Recently, Panamanian oil tankers SANCHI and Hong Kong-owned bulk carrier CFCRYSTAL collided about 160 nautical miles in the east of the mouth of the Yangtze River. Sanchi tanker contains about 136,000 tons of condensate. The accident caused the "Sanchi" ship on fire, and the tanker was still burning with areas of oil.

SANCHI Collision Accident - How to Avoid in the Future?

Why did two ships collide?

Some analysts believe that the incident is at 20 o'clock on January 6, it is the time for duty shift, during which there may be the possibility of operational errors.

"There is not much possibilities of this kind of operation mistake." The staff of CNOOC's safety and environmental protection department told interviews reporters that through GIS monitoring, on the evening of the collision of "Sanchi" and "Changfeng Crystal", there were more fishing boats on the sea surface, but "Sanchi" did not avoid and decelerate.

How to avoid similar accidents in the future?

The impact of the Sanchi collision was not only as simple as an accident, but also caused a series of oil spills on environmental pollution.

In response to reducing this kind of marine accident, a self-developed infrared thermal imager from Dali Technology can be used to observe, search and monitor the marine environment, marine resources, marine vessels and floating objects all over 24 hours in a very wide range of applications such as safety precautions, shipboard electrical and mechanical equipment status detection, and fire rescue.

SANCHI Collision Accident - How to Avoid in the Future?

SANCHI Collision Accident - How to Avoid in the Future?