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Basic Principles Of Infrared Thermal Imaging
Feb 05, 2019

Thermography (Thermography) is a modern physical detection technology that uses the principle of infrared radiation photography to study the state of body surface temperature analysis, also known as temperature difference photography.

In medicine, mercury thermometer is still the most commonly used method to measure body temperature. In recent years, electronic thermometer has been developed. Although great progress has been made in the use of methods and accuracy, it can not continuously measure and observe the temperature changes on the body surface in space, time and continuously.

Thermography is used in clinical medicine, which is called medical infrared thermograph. It can accurately record the change and distribution of human body surface temperature. It is a non-invasive functional detection technology to study the change of human body temperature and observe diseases.

From a physical point of view, the human body is a natural source of infrared radiation. It emits infrared radiation from time to time. It has been proved that this infrared radiation is closely related to human blood circulation, tissue metabolism, functional state of nerves and tissue structure. Normal functional state of human body has normal thermogram, and abnormal functional state has abnormal thermogram. Comparing and analyzing the differences and rules between normal and abnormal thermograms can be used to diagnose and infer the physiological and pathological state of the body. Combined with clinical practice, it can guide and assist the diagnosis and treatment of clinical medicine.

Skin is the radiator of human body temperature and the most important place for heat dissipation. Human body heat dissipation is mainly through the thermal radiation of skin. As for conduction, convection and evaporation, heat dissipation becomes the secondary way.

Therefore, under the condition that the normal room temperature is slightly lower than the body temperature, the thermal image method is different from the general contact temperature measurement method in observing skin radiation. Thermography can not only reflect the changes of skin temperature, but also observe the increase or decrease of skin radiation. This method not only can more accurately measure the subtle changes of surface temperature in a large area, but also can draw a thermal image. It can observe and study the law of diseases by detecting the changes of human radiation energy. It is a new non-invasive detection method. Yes, but it certainly goes back centuries

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