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Thermal imager application range
Aug 14, 2018

The application range of infrared cameras is extremely wide, and with the continuous development of infrared technology

Exhibitions and popularization, new applications are being continuously developed. There are mainly a few major application categories.

PCB board heating, heat dissipation detection; chip heating, heat dissipation test; chip internal temperature test; component limit test and other electronic circuit development or testing.

Product development and quality testing of mobile phones, air conditioners, servers, refrigerators, etc.

Research on materials such as composite materials, heat dissipating materials, thermal insulation materials, and material stress tests.

Research and testing of new energy sources such as solar panels, new energy batteries, and charging piles.

Mechanical power research in brake systems, hydraulic systems, traction systems, transmission systems, heating systems, precision machining, etc.

Building inspection such as leakage, hollow drums, gaps, and floor heating.

Production quality control of blow molding, brewing, and intracavitary ulcer treatment probes.

Rear windshield heating wire, tires, heated tables and chairs, engines, brake pads, LED headlights and other automotive development and maintenance.

Medical research on tumor targeted therapy, breast cancer detection, burns, etc.

Modern agriculture such as cow inflammation detection, hatching detection, plant drought resistance and cold resistance research.

Circuit monitoring of transformers, disconnectors, circuit breakers, capacitors, rectifiers, wall bushings, etc.

Equipment such as power distribution cabinets, motors, servers, etc.

Detection of key equipment such as distillation towers, storage tanks, reactors, and heat exchangers.

Fire prevention in warehouses such as coal bunkers, oil depots, chemical warehouses, dangerous goods warehouses, flour warehouses, and biomass warehouses.

Fire prevention in fermentation plants, paper mills, oil refineries and other plants.

Fire prevention in large spaces such as tunnels, highway bridges, and forest fire prevention.

Security monitoring of ports, banks, factories, prisons, airports, etc.