DALI Thermal
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How the camera works
Aug 14, 2018

In general, a thermal imager converts invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. The different colors above the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the object being measured. By viewing the thermal image, the overall temperature distribution of the target can be observed, and the fever of the target can be studied to judge the next step. Modern thermal imaging cameras work by using optoelectronic devices to detect and measure radiation and establish a correlation between radiation and surface temperature. All objects above absolute zero (-273 ° C) emit infrared radiation. The thermal imager uses an infrared detector and an optical imaging objective to receive the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the target to be reflected on the photosensitive element of the infrared detector, thereby obtaining an infrared thermal image, the thermal image of the thermal image and the surface of the object. Corresponding.