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A: What is ultraviolet imaging?

Corona discharge is a partial discharge phenomenon. When the local voltage stress of the charged body exceeds the critical value, it will cause the air to dissociate and produce corona discharge. In particular, high-voltage power equipment often produces corona, flashover or arc because of poor design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. In the discharge process, electrons in the air continuously obtain and release energy, and when electrons release energy (discharge), they emit ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet imaging technology is to use this principle, receive the ultraviolet radiation generated during discharge, after processing and visible image combination imaging, to determine the location and intensity of the corona, so as to provide a more reliable basis for further evaluation of the operation of equipment. UV imager is a device for detecting, locating and recording corona.

A: What is infrared imaging?

Passively receiving the target's thermal radiation, through the optical imaging system focusing on the detection element for photoelectric conversion, amplified signal, digitized, processed by multimedia image technology, on the screen with pseudo-color display of the target's temperature field - thermal infrared image (thermal map, thermal image). The hue and shade of the thermal image depends on the surface temperature and emissivity of the object.

A: What is the difference between ordinary lens and infrared lens?

     Why are lenses with the same focal length divided into ordinary lenses and infrared lenses?

       What is the difference between an ordinary lens and an infrared lens?

The two uses are different:

In the monitoring environment without infrared light subsidy, ordinary lens can be used; in the monitoring environment with infrared light subsidy, if you want to have a better monitoring effect, you must use infrared lens, of course, ordinary infrared lens can also see the picture under infrared subsidy, but the picture will become blurred, this phase We all know this letter.

Secondly, the prices of the two are different:

The price of professional infrared lens is several times that of ordinary lens. Why? Because the use of infrared lens is clear in the daytime and in the evening.

The reasons for the difference between the two performance and price are:

Because the refractive index of glass is different for different wavelengths of light, the location of focus will be different. At present, ordinary lenses on the market can focus light with 250 nm wavelength difference on the same plane, that is, 430 nm ~ 650 nm or 650 nm ~ 900 nm light can focus successfully, showing a clear image. This is why ordinary lenses are sharpened during the day, night vision is blurred, or night vision is sharpened during the day. Professional infrared lenses with special lenses can concentrate light from 430 nm to 900 nm or even longer on the same plane, so both daytime and night vision are clear. Because the lens material is special, the cost is naturally high.